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September 2017 Newsletter

New Faces

Enrollment is growing which means of course that our staff team needs to grow as well.

Soon we will be creating a Staff Board so that you can put a name with the face for all of our staff but for now we’d just like to update you on our staff and where everyone spends their days.

Nursery - Our Nursery is full with just 1 or 2 days still having openings.

✦ Miss Sierra has been with us for more than a year

✦ Miss Donisha joined her just a few weeks ago.

✦ Miss Meghan will be starting next week and will join the Nursery in the afternoons and to close out the day.

Toddlers - We have 2 new kiddos that have recently started and in just a few months babies from our Nursery will begin to turn 1 and join the Toddlers Class.

✦Miss Dyan has been with the Toddlers for almost a year.

✦Miss Jabria joined her this week.

Twos - Our 2’s room has a few spots left but 3 of our Toddlers will be entering their 2’s before the end of the year.

✦ Miss Tiffany joined us in June.

✦ Miss Cornelia has just finished her 2nd week.

✦ Miss Tiffany expects to be starting her maternity leave in early October but babies get to make their own choice about when they will arrive.  So…

✦ Miss Brittany will be joining the class in just over a week so we can be ready whenever Miss Tiffany needs to step away.  Fear not!  Miss Tiffany will be back before the end of the year and maybe she will stop by and say hi every now and then.

Threes - Again we have some new children in the class and soon those 2’s will be turning 3…

✦ Miss Kiana has been with the 3’s since January.

✦ Miss Tierra joined the class in April.

Fours and Fives/PreK - Some of our Pre-K’s have moved on to Kindergarten so our class is small now but…yep, those 3’s will be moving up soon.

✦ Miss Nisha has been with the 4/PreK’s for almost a year now.

✦ Miss Meghan will be spending time with the 4/PreK’s in the mornings along with Miss Nisha before she moves to the Nursery in the afternoons.

Kitchen - It’s time to let someone take over the kitchen.

✦ Mr. Tamaricus started this week as our new cook!

I wish there were enough space here to tell you all about our staff, but there just isn’t enough room.  We have some wonderful people who are so loving and dedicated to your children.

Keep watch for our Staff Board soon so that you can get to know all of our staff better.

We are so blessed to be able to spend our days with your children!

Adventure Academy Director

Lisa Gross