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October 2016 Newsletter

We're Growing!

Thank you for helping to spread the word!  Our enrollment is up in every class. Having more children in the building means that we are also hiring new staff.  You’ll be seeing new people in each of the classes.  Please be patient as we work to find the right people and schedule for each class.

This Is Who We Are:

Let’s start with our Mission Statement:

At Adventure Academy, we strive to foster a child’s natural eagerness to learn and ability to succeed by providing a safe and nurturing environment full of engaging and developmentally appropriate activities and experiences. First we make sure they are safe, feel loved and are comfortable in their surroundings.  Then we provide tons of experiences to explore, learn and grow.  The first few years your child changes in some very dramatic ways; from a virtually helpless Infant to a determined Toddler and on to a self-reliant Preschooler ready to take on the world in Kindergarten.  That's our goal.

The last sentence of our Philosophy says, Adventure Academy believes in bolstering a child’s individual growth, self-discovery, and the development of a positive and strong self-image.

Along the way we will have tons of fun, learn to talk, play with our friends, gain strength and coordination, explore letters and numbers and experience as much as we can with all of our senses.

This is who we are…  We are passionate about joining your child/family in this part of your Adventure.

Adventure Academy Director

Lisa Gross