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March 2017 Newsletter

Spring Update: New Staff and New Rooms

We have had a few staff changes.  First we had to say goodbye to Miss Domonique and Miss Zakiya as they have both moved on to new careers within Community Hospital, so if your child tells you that they are “in the hospital”, well they sort of are.  We wish them well!

We continue to welcome new families so in addition to replacing some staff we need more staff to care for our growing number of children.  We have hired 4 new staff members:  Miss Jamesha, Miss Omni, Miss Elesia and Miss Tyria.  Right now our new staff are spending time in different rooms to find their best fit and to receive training in all rooms.

The state has been by to look at our 2 new rooms.  They have asked us to get them fully furnished before we can get them put into our license.  We will work on that and have the state come back out to approve them for use and add then to our license.

Adventure Academy Director

Lisa Gross