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December 2016 Newsletter

Enrollment and Staffing

Our Two’s class is FULL and we are excited to be making plans to open a 2nd Two’s room very soon!

Our Toddler class is filling up quickly with children new to our center and with babies from our Nursery.  It’s not quite time to open a 2nd room but it may not be far away.

Our 3-Pk room is approaching the point where we will split the age group and send the PK’s off to their own class.  Their room is just waiting for a class to fill it with lots of laughter, learning and fun.

The Nursery is currently just about empty as all of our babies have birthdays very close together and are all turning 1 by the end of January.  Hopefully we will have a whole new group of babies to cuddle and care for soon.

All of this new enrollment means you will continue to see new faces.  We will do our best to keep you up to date with staffing but please do not hesitate to ask for updates.

Severe Weather Closings

We understand that most parents do not get to take the day off when it snows.  For this reason will only close for weather in extreme situations.  As long as we can get to the center to care for you children we will remain open.  In the event there are travel restrictions, we will abide by the those restrictions and close when appropriate.  If we have a delay or closing you can find this information on the local news stations.  Currently we are registered with WTHR, RTV6 and WISHTV8.  We are communicating with FOX59 to register with them as well.

Adventure Academy Director

Lisa Gross