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August 2016 Newsletter

Share the Adventure!

Get a free week of tuition by referring new families!

We are so excited to be spending our days with your children and we want to increase the fun by adding new families.  We’d like to ask your help.  If you are happy with us then simply tell your friends.  When they enroll, we will discount one full week of tuition for your oldest child.  It’s that simple.  Help us spread the word about the Adventure we’re on!


We opened August 1st and spent this month reorienting ourselves to being here and making sure everything is just as it should be.  Now it’s time to get some new things started. We’re starting with this newsletter and we’ll send one home each month along with a calendar.

In September we will begin implementing a center wide curriculum.  Each class will have the same themes and goals but each class will tailor these to their class, using Developmentally Appropriate Practices.

Each week will have a Theme, such as Apples or Community Helpers and a Letter, Number, Color and Shape.  And finally we will have a Good Choice Character Trait that we will talk about.  We will have lots of play and activities and books to dig into each of these and above all we will have TONS of FUN and HUGS!

Adventure Academy Director

Lisa Gross